November iotcam community update

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Last week we saw an excellent couple of talks at November’s Cambridge Internet of Things meetup. Thanks to our speakers and everyone who attended.

You can follow Richard as @richsims (maybe more followers will encourage him to tweet) and find out more about TTP. Dan tweets as @iamdanw and is available to hire if you need a creative technologist. Thanks also to Makespace for hosting us, if you fancy joining one of the best makerspaces in the country then head over to the website and sign up for an induction.


Videos of both our November talks are on Youtube:

(apologies for the lip sync issues - hope to have this cracked next time)

October’s talks are also online:

If you enjoyed Dan’s talk I would recommend you watch his 2013 dConstruct talk:

I’ve been working with Collusion to pull together Cambridge Invents. Their video with some of the most talented people in Cambridge talking about how they changed the world can be seen here:

IoT News

Since my last update, Cambridge is charging ahead establishing its IoT reputation with news that Amazon is going to be building drones in the city , rumours of Apple setting up shop, Qualcomm wanting to create a centre of excellence for IoT around its acquisition of CSR, and Huawei doing the same after acquiring Neul

Perhaps the biggest player in the Cambridge IoT space, ARM, announced its mbed OS to the world at ARM TechCon and was covered positively by The Register here and here.

HBR published a mammoth, but well written piece on smart connected products.

And the most important news event - I was quoted in an IoT article in the Cambridge Evening News :)

Upcoming Events

22nd November: The Cambridge Science Centre is once again running Chain Reaction at the Guildhall. This is your chance to get your family together, book a table and build that Rube Goldberg machine you’ve always dreamed of.

2nd - 4th December: ThingMonk was one of the best IoT conferences I went to this year. Signups are open for the main event, and this year they are also running the adjacent Business of IoT conference.

11th - 12th March 2015: Cambridge’s big IoT conference, IoT Forum, has opened up for early bird registrations

I’ll be taking a break in December from iotcam, but look out for a January invite with some great speakers to kick off 2015.

There’s still time to check out Cambridge Invents for yourself and follow the trail of some of Cambridge’s greatest inventions.

And finally

If you’re an early stage IoT business looking for business support or seed funding, drop me a line - Red Gate Ventures has money to invest especially if you’re building IoT middleware software and services.

If you’ve seen other great speakers and have recommendations, or have your own story to tell, then drop me a line so we can get the best lineup for iotcam.

Many thanks to our speakers and venue for a great night:

Dan Williams is a software developer interested in how software shapes our culture. He makes things to playfully explore technology, such as determining the happiness of British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg using emotion recognition algorithms (19% happy) or running treasure hunts across Amazon’s network of delivery lockers in London. Previously he has collaborated with artists and academics as a creative technologist at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, creating projects such as musical instruments powered by solar wind or stories told through smell.

Richard Sims works for The Technology Partnership and has been designing, developing and managing projects in the field of connected systems for over 12 years. These have ranged from 802.15.4 based wireless sensor networks for managing the health of dairy cattle, to a proprietary radio system for use in ‘zero-power’ electronic point of sale labels. He has been responsible for multiple projects that have achieved significant commercial success, with over 7 million nodes in the field using TTP developed technology. Most recently he has been working with Mayflower to roll out connected street lighting across the UK.

Makespace is a community run space, that houses manufacturing and prototyping kit and provides the surroundings to meet, work, build, socialise and do amazing things. Makespace has three main aims – to support existing and new businesses, to raise awareness of and skills in engineering and manufacturing, and to provide a fun place for people to hangout and work on projects.